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Jazzing Up Your Landscape with PAINTED Rocks!

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Decorative rock in Las Vegas shouldn't be limited to plain outdoor boulders and stones! Check out these awesome painted rock ideas to display in and around your home: Mushroom Gnome Home Source: via Luulla on Pinterest   Find a rock with a flat surface and paint a beautiful "gnome home" to display in your

Eye-Catching Ways to Use Your Landscape Rocks Indoors

By |2013-05-27T01:31:42-07:00May 27th, 2013|Blog|

Landscape rocks may seem like they fall into the "outdoor use" category only; but there are numerous beautiful ways to bring them indoors! Here are three ways to get creative in your home with landscape rocks: (1) Put Them in a Box Frame Why not display smooth, pretty pebbles in a box frame? They are a

Three Places You Never Thought to Use Pavers

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Here are three uniquely beautiful ways to bring all the elements of the outdoors into some unlikely indoor spaces by using decorative rock and stylish pavers. Greenhouses Getting creative while designing the perfect greenhouse by adding extraordinary pavers such as Newberry, Cobblestone, or Venetian Tumbled Santa Barbara to accent its interior will transform any hot

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