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3 Clever Ways You Can Incorporate Rocks into Your Landscape

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Like the idea of adding decorative rock accents to your landscaping, but don't know how to incorporate it into your home's current look? Well, rocks are not just for desert themed homes, and there are plenty of ways to use rocks in unique and creative designs that will make all the neighbors jealous. Add Accents to

Famous Rock Attraction: Painted Rocks in Morocco

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These multi-colored rocks are found in Morocco near Tarfraoute among the Anti-Atlas mountains. This piece of landmark art work was done by Jean Veran, a Belgian artist in 1984. The rocks provided the perfect natural canvas for the artist.  Although Mr. Veran was the main visionary for this project, he had assistance from Moroccan firemen.

Painted Pebbles: Colorful Hand-Painted Rock Art

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Rock painting makes for a fun rainy day activity for both kids and adults and is an easy and creative way to add some color to a uniform desert rock landscape. While painted rocks can look adorable anywhere, they'll stand out best when intermixed into a sea of white or gray landscape rocks. Check out

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