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The Art of Rock Balancing (with photos!)

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  Rock balancing is the act of creatively stacking rocks into a pile or tower. While there are no rules involved in this meditative practice, rock balancing artists discourage the use of wires, glue or any other adhesive material, because rock balancing by definition is a process meant to support the "leave no trace

5 Breathtaking Rock Formations from Across the Globe

By |2012-09-04T16:35:15-07:00September 4th, 2012|rock formation|

Some of the most impressive and awe-inspiring natural creations on Earth are rock formations. Formed over thousands of years, rock formations appear unfathomable and create a sense of amazement. Here are five of the most incredible and stunning rock formations from around the world. 1. Stone Forest - China Made of limestone, these

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