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Stand Out with Rock Jewelry with These 3 Unique Ideas!

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Make a statement with rock jewelry! Purchase pre-made baubles from your favorite designers, or better yet...make them yourself. Here are three ways to get creative. (1) Pendants Source: via Mary on Pinterest   Stones and pebbles look great as pendants. Go for polished versions or stick to more natural-looking pieces. There are plenty of DIY

Eye-Catching Ways to Use Your Landscape Rocks Indoors

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Landscape rocks may seem like they fall into the "outdoor use" category only; but there are numerous beautiful ways to bring them indoors! Here are three ways to get creative in your home with landscape rocks: (1) Put Them in a Box Frame Why not display smooth, pretty pebbles in a box frame? They are a

Landscape Rocks: 3 Uses for River Pebbles

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River pebbles are among the most beautiful and versatile types of landscape rock. They are available in several colors and can be polished or unpolished. Their smallness adds to their versatility. Here are a few decorative uses for river pebbles! (1) Make a Fountain With a fountain kit, you can put together a lovely fountain

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