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Las Vegas Turf: What You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying

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What to Consider in Las Vegas When You Want to Buy Turf It's safe to say that keeping a green lawn within Las Vegas is almost impossible. In fact, even if you did have the time to take care of it, the cost of watering it so many times is enormous. This is why so

Homeowner Tips: Finding the Best Turf to Use on a Las Vegas Lawn

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Best Turf for Homeowners in Las Vegas Those moving into the Las Vegas area quickly notice that maintaining a traditional yard is simply not possible. This is usually due to the desert climate in which Vegas is located within. All this makes maintaining a green looking yard very difficult and expensive. So, what are your

Three Considerations When Choosing Artificial Grass for Landscaping

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Considerations for Choosing the Best Artificial Grass There are many different types of artificial grass to choose from. While many of them look quite similar, some are better for foot traffic, others resist weathering more and some have a springier texture for more comfortable walking. This will show you some factors to consider when choosing

The Types of Turf That Thrive in the Las Vegas Climate

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Types of Turf to Use in Las Vegas Landscaping Las Vegas is a hot, dry climate, which means it is not easy to find grass or types of turf that will grow, much less thrive. That said, there are a few hardy, warm-season grasses that can handle the heat and drought conditions of a desert

Keep Your Kids Active This Summer with a Turf Obstacle Course

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Ninja Warrior and Wipeout have revitalized an interest in extreme obstacle courses. Read on to discover how you can create the ultimate obstacle course in your backyard. What Are the Pros of a Turf Obstacle Course? To keep your kids excited and off of electronics all summer long, one suggestion is creating your very own

Artificial Turf Can Be Ideal in Almost Any Weather Conditions

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Turf Grass Can Work in Most Weather Conditions When temperatures fall below freezing, real grass can become brittle, which can increase its risk of dying or becoming food for bugs in the spring. When temperatures get too hot, real grass will turn brown and stop growing. If you have artificial turf, you can feel good

Why Artificial Turf Is Better Than Natural Grass

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How Artificial Turf Beats Natural Grass If you're looking for turf in Las Vegas but you're not sure if it's right for you, then you'll be happy to know that artificial turf is better than grass in almost every way. Modern turf looks and feels just like real grass, but it functions so much better.

How to Replace Grass with Rocks: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Updated 5/28/21 A well-tended lawn can be beautiful, but also requires a lot of work. You have to water, fertilize, cut, trim, and weed. If you live in a drought-prone area, like Las Vegas, even the most vigilant maintenance might not be enough to keep your lawn lush and green. Homeowners are turning to landscaping

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