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All Types of Artificial Grass Provide Beauty and Low Maintenance

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Artificial Grass Is a Good Garden Solution in Las Vegas While some types of artificial grass are more durable than others, artificial grass in Las Vegas is still a good option for conserving water and reducing lawn maintenance. Types of Artificial Grass The least expensive and most commonly used is made from polypropylene. It is

The Surprising Beauty of Decomposed Granite

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When Is Decomposed Granite in Landscaping a Good Idea? Let's face it, landscaping in Las Vegas can be tricky. How many plants have you lost to the hot summer sun? So, what is an easy affordable solution? Decorative rocks! What Is Decomposed Granite? Decomposed granite is igneous rock that has been exposed to weather over

Permeable Paver Surfaces: Las Vegas’ Eco-Friendly Landscaping Choice

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Permeable Pavers Create Sustainable Patios, Driveways and Sidewalks Using pavers to create a driveway, a patio, and sidewalks with permeable surfaces enhance the look of your home, protects the environment, and reduces the buildup of the summer heat around your Las Vegas home What Are Permeable Hardscaping Surfaces? Hardscaping includes sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, walls,

Create Las Vegas Landscaping Rock Formations in Your Own Yard

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Hardscapes Are the Bedrock of an Attractive Landscaped Yard A well-landscaped front and backyard offers many benefits to enhance your lifestyle. You can create an outdoor environment where you love to sit and relax, cook and entertain friends. An attractive front yard is important to enhance the curb appeal of your home and all if

Artificial Turf Can Be Ideal in Almost Any Weather Conditions

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Turf Grass Can Work in Most Weather Conditions When temperatures fall below freezing, real grass can become brittle, which can increase its risk of dying or becoming food for bugs in the spring. When temperatures get too hot, real grass will turn brown and stop growing. If you have artificial turf, you can feel good

Paver Pattern Design Trends to Consider for Your Home’s Exteriors

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Popular, Trendy and Unique Paver Pattern Design Options On the hunt for pavers in Las Vegas? The good news is there are many choices available for your consideration. Of course, this can also be challenging if you're still not sure what's right for your patio or exterior walkways. Below you'll find some of the more

3 Methods for Beautifying a House’s Exterior

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3 Ideas to Make the Outside of a House Exciting As a homeowner, you want your house to look nice. That can be a lot easier said than done, however. There's only so many different kinds of flowers you can plant and lawn gnomes you can buy before it all starts blending together. If that's

Improving the Curb Appeal of Your Vacation Rental Property

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How to Maintain the Curb Appeal for Your Vacation Rental Though many people might try to act like looks don't mean anything, they do matter. This is especially true when it pertains to vacation rentals. If someone is looking online for a place to stay while they're on vacation, they're going to make a decision

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