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Using the Principles of Xeriscaping to Beautify Las Vegas Landscapes

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How to Create Beautiful Landscapes With Xeriscaping Las Vegas' arid climate offers an excellent opportunity for homeowners to implement principles of xeriscaping. By using native plants, careful irrigation techniques, and decorative rock, Las Vegas yards can be transformed into beautiful and sustainable year-round oases. What Are the Principles of Xeriscaping? Xeriscaping emerged in the 1980s

The Best Blooming Desert Plants for Landscaping in Your Yard

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What Are the Best Blooming Desert Plants for Landscaping? If you are a Las Vegas, Nevada, homeowner who has a green thumb, you are certainly not alone. There are many great options available to you if you are looking to build your landscape from scratch or add to one that’s already existing. Choose blooming desert

Gray Water Irrigation for an Environmentally Responsible Landscape

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Water Your Lawn With Gray Water and Save the Planet Homeowners love their lawns as places to relax and play. However, in drier areas, it can be difficult to maintain your lawn. If you buy turf in Las Vegas, you do not want it to die out because of water use restrictions. An irrigation system

Options for Your Native Edible Landscaping Project

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Add Native Edibles to Your Landscaping Las Vegas is known primarily for its many and varied attractions, both indoor and outdoor. However, it is also located in one of the most beautiful desert areas in the United States with many edible varieties of herbs, flowers, fruits, and plants. Using native and nearly native flora for

How Your Neighborhood Rules Can Impact Your Landscaping Project

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Know Your Neighborhood Rules Before Designing Your Yard You may not have the ability to do whatever you want when it comes to your front yard. In some cases, your projects must get approval before you begin. Some Developments May Have Restrictions If you have a homeowner's association in your development, chances are that they

Using Pavers for Landscape That Complements Your Home

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Pavers Can Make Outside an Extension of Your Home The nearly constant head of Las Vegas makes for a new set of rules when it comes to designing an outdoor space that will complement your home. By using pavers in Las Vegas, you can literally move from outside to inside without a break in the

Tips on How to Beautify Your Landscape With Colorful Desert Plants

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Which Desert Plants to Consider Upon initial observation, developing a beautiful landscape in Las Vegas may appear a little bit challenging. However, there are many types of plants whose decorative beauty can enhance what would be considered a very unappealing site of landscape into a work of fine art. Through the maturation of the plants,

Can You Incorporate Water Features Into Your Desert Landscape?

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Water Features Add Beauty Without Maintenance When designing the landscaping for your home, there is always a battle between having a lush and rich landscape while not wanting to maintain it. Water features are a fantastic way to have the best of both worlds. Especially in the harsh desert climate of Las Vegas, maintaining a

Grasses for Your Desert Landscape

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Desert-Friendly Grasses for Your Home's Landscape Although the desert is associated more with salt pans and sand than grasses, there is a great variety of the prolific monocots that are indigenous to the desert environment. They can range in height from the low-lying false grama to the 3-foot-tall Arizona cottontop. Native Grasses Some native desert

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